Welcome to Hiddex!

Hiddex is easy-to-use service to enhance your mobile applications security against tampering and reverse-engineering.

Hiddex protects your application by

  • Detecting modification attempts and preventing modified application execution
  • Encrypting strings and integers in the application
  • Preventing application analysis by stopping use of debuggers and emulators
  • Verifying application integrity with Hiddex servers

Hiddex protection is

  • Transparent to end users - legitimate users will not be affected
  • Easy to add to your application - automatic protection with few simple clicks.
  • Dynamic - each protection has unique features to prevent development of common breaking methods
  • Informative - you can follow your applications status and get alerts of possible tampering attempts via Hiddex Dashboard and email
  • Robust - we use multiple servers in different locations to protect your data and ensure high availability


2015-10-20:Hiddex support for Android Studio 1.4 and Android 6.0 SDK now available!

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